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Animal that is difficult to medicate?

  • We have that covered with custom dosage forms and flavorings such as flavored chew treats
  • Non-commercial strength or formulation needed?

  • We have that covered and can compound any formula you wish to write
  • Need a controlled drug but it’s a hassle to report to New York State?

  • We have that covered also, as we report daily already so you don’t have to
  • Need to speak to an experienced Animal Pharmacist for assistance?

  • We have that covered with 2 compounding pharmacists on daily, over 20 years of animal compounding experience!

    Phone: 585.394.4930
    Fax: 585.396.7264

    Call Us Now at 585 394-4930 or use our email contact form for more info!

    We are The Animal Pharmacy where we have been helping veterinarians and animal owners for over 20 years! We are assisting hundreds of customers every month with difficult medication situations, non-commercial formulations as well as professional advice from pharmacists that are highly trained animal specialists.

    Send us the prescription and we take over so that you can focus on what you do best while we contact the animal owner, get them pricing, collect payment, make the custom prescription and ship it out safely and securely directly to their home. FREE* Shipping and one business day turnaround for most compounds.


    Your Customer’s Will Love Us & Save Money

    animal_staff_031114Your customers no longer trying to give their pet 2 or 3 pills when it takes multiple commercial pills to make up their required dosage and then they have to struggle with their pet to take. We also save them money with our discount plan for maintenance medications.

      Discount Maintenance Supplies

    • Get 90 days supply for the price of 2 months!
    • Or if you only need 60 days, get that for the price of 1.5 months!

    Veterinarian Animal Pharmacy
    The Animal Pharmacy
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