Custom Dosing

Custom Dosing Options


Flavored dosage forms make it easy, even fun, to dose an animal.

If you find that giving your cat or dog a pill is a frustrating experience, it may be possible to have the medication compounded into a flavored formulation. The Animal Pharmacy can prepare many of the more common medications in flavored medications.

There are many flavor choices. There are beef, cheese, chicken and liver flavors for dogs; fish for cats. Horses prefer alfalfa, cherry, apple, carrot and molasses. Even birds, rodents and reptiles have flavor preferences that can be met by our compounding pharmacist. Call today to inquire about this.

attachments2Chewy Treats

Dogs love Chewy Treats.

The Animal Pharmacy also has the ability to prepare come medication into Chewy Treats! We have special forms and a press that will make medication dosing a truly enjoyable experience that your pet will actually look forward to.

attachments3 Transdermals

Cats love added affection!

Some drugs can be turned into a transdermal gel which are dispensed in 1ml oral syringes. This dispensing system allows for easy and accurate dosing. Dispense the proper amount of medication prescribed by your physician onto a gloved finger and apply to the inside of your cat’s ear. Methimazole for cats is most commonly dispensed this way then your pet see this as just added affection rather than attempting to get him or her to take a pill.

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