Flea & Tick Medication For Cats

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Not all flea & tick medication for cats is equal, but ours may be even better!

We heard your requests to find a flea & tick medication comparable to Fontline Plus or Advantix II, without the higher costs associated with purchasing these branded solutions and we searched out the best medication that would give you the same and more benefits!
We found VETIQ’s Vetguard Plus+, which has all the same benefits and more, is made in the USA and can be brought to you at a much lower cost.
Quality Ingredients

When applied to the cat, permethrin disperses in the pets natural skins oils. Fleas become hyperactive and exhibit a “hot foot” behavior where they will scurry across the animal and then jump off and die.

An Insect Growth Regulator or IGR; Pyriproxyfen stops the “next generation” of fleas and ticks from infecting your cat and premises by killing flea eggs and larvae.

One size for for all sized cats

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but as always, if you order with your cat’s regular prescription, shipping is FREE for both!

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